Information about these records and many thanks to Shirley for sending them to be posted to Gallatian CO IL page. I have had a time trying to get these records to you. I did manage to copy most of the pages to send, but several would not copy right. You will note that some pages end rather odd and continue on to the next page.... this is the way the original pages were written, so I have left them that way to be able to find my way around more easily. Where it was impossible to read, I left lines. I also copied every word as it was written, so if there is some misspelled words, it is the way it was originally written. These records are from Gallatin County. The church was located near Gibsonia near the Hardin co. line. There is no picture of the church. dates in the records... 1833-1847, And also..... several years ago, I submitted these records to the "Saga" of Illinois. So if you have access to those back issues... they are there. As you can see by the the church existed before photography was available in those parts We tried to locate the foundation to no avail. The original records are crumbling, and we felt very privledged to have been able to have a copy. I have also sent a copy to the Cumberland Presbyterian Organization for their records. (I found the organization still exists via the Internet)
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?-------------------------------- in Pisgah Church
? ----------------------------- lamented on the 17th April 1834 John Cr
?--------------------------------- departed this life on the 15th October 1834
John (Ewar or Evans?)---------------- departed this life on the 17th September 1834
Nancy ?--------------------- " 17th May 1835
William ?------------------------ " January 1835
James John...? Crawford --------------------- " July 1835
William Delana Alexander----------------------- last day August 1835
James D. Black----------------------- September 1836
John M. Crawford -------------------------- March 1837
John Alexander Peebels, infant son of William B.Peebels Feb 25, 184?
Harriet Russel, infant daughter of Amy Russel Oct ?

March 10, 1842 Amy Russel
April 2, 1842 William Crabtree
May 6, Mary E. Baldwin, daughter of William Baldwin
4th Sunday Samuel P. Alexander, son of John Alexander
June 1842 Friday 27th June, Martha Martin, wife of Jesse M.....
---- 1843 Joseph Postleweght departed this life
---- 23, 1843 Rosannah Baldwin departed this life 23, 1843
April 4, 1844 Jane Hubbs departed this life on the fourth day of April In the year of our Lord -----1844
Sarah Black departed this life April 17 -----1845
Matilda Crabtree died died July 31 -----1845
Marion ? Buffington died August ----------------1845
Polly Finn died May 2 ----------------1846
June 3 Elizabeth McIntire died June 3 June 1846
Aug 9 Mary C. Black, daughter of John Black ------------1846
Morgan Oxford died Aug. 24th 1846
Edward Leavell Sen. Died December 25th 1846

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--------------------------------------------------Adult was Baptised the first Sun. Oct. 1833
----------------------------------------------m Black was Baptised the first Sun. June 183?
--------------------------------------------ncy? Black " 1834
John E. Alexander, infant " the first Sun. Oct. 1834
----ron. D. Alexander, infant Sun. 17th Sept. 1832
Mary Balding, Adult, Baptised by sprinkg on the 4th Sunday Nov. 1835 Nancy Leavell, Adult, Baptised by sprinklg on the 4th Sunday Nov 1835
Isibella Black, Adult, Baptised by sprinking on the 4th Sunday Nov 1835
Andrew Jameson, Adult, Baptised by sprinkling on the-------
Sary Ann Black The 3rd Sunday in Oct 1835
Martha Jane Black, Infants
Samuel Pearce Alexander
By F Pearce Isaac Black, Adult Baptised by immersion April 1st 1838 Matilda Crabtree, Baptised by sprinkling April 1st 1838

1841 Adult Baptisms

JuneJohn Brinkley By pouring 1
John Talleydo 2
Susan Talley do 3
Elizabeth Talleydo 4
Rebecca Reynoldsdo 5
Elizabeth Jarelldo 6
Magdelana Jarelldo 7
Lucinda Frazerdo 8
Nancy Williamsdo 9
Sept.Rebecca Black By Sprinkling10
Jane Dorsey do11
Elizabeth Dorsey do12
Stephen Gaylord do13
Elizabeth Dorsey do14
Edward Levell do15
Thomas Scroggings do 16
Phillip Jarell do 17

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Adult Baptisms

1841Julian Ensminger?By Sprinkling 18
Sept.Nancy Jane Pearsondo19
Elizabeth Symsdo20
Sanders Rice do21
Prior Jarelldo22
October William Williamsdo23
24 Richard Brinkleydo24
Erastus Stetsondo25
John Blackdo26
Martha Levell do27
Julian Buffingtondo28
Ana Reynolds do29
Anna Barnet do 30
Dec 19 Ellen Smith do 31
Jane Hubbsdo32
Francis Gaylorddo 33
1842 Joseph Blevinsdo34
Jan 16 William Vineyarddo35
Julian Jamesondo36
Martha Hargravesdo37
Nancy Frazer do38
Octava Kindrickdo 39
6 Sarah Ann Skinnerdo40
James OverbeeBy Immersion41
April 17 Morgan Oxforddo 42
William Jarell do43
May 30 James Oxford do 44
Sally Ann Oxforddo45
Judy Brinkley Sprinkling 46
Zadock Barnarddo 47
Rebecca Jarel do 48
July 17 Edward Leavell Sen.Immersion 49
Aug 21 William G. LeavellSprinkling50
Sharlotte Leavelldo51
John Smithdo52
Sept 11Elisha Oxford Immersion53
Sterling Anders Sprinkling54

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Adult Baptisms cont.

Rosannah AndersBy Sprinkling55
Caleb ? Davis do56
Moses Kennedaydo57
(6) Pleasant Tallydo58
? 9, 1843Luey Martindo59
Loveinda Kindrickdo60
Alemedea PageBy immersion 61

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Infant Baptisms 1842

JuneCaleb Baldwin, son of William Baldwin1
Thomas Baldwin son of William Baldwin 2
Francis Baldwin dau of William Baldwin 3
Rosanna Baldwin dau of William Baldwin 4
Martha Jane Baldwin dau of William Baldwin 5
Mary Elizabeth Baldwin dau of William Baldwin 6
Hannah Izabel Baldwin dau of William Baldwin 7
George Washington Black, son of JohnBlack 8
Elizabeth Jane Black 9
Sarah Catherine Donaldson, dau of R. Donaldson 10
Rosanah Black, dau of William Black 11
John Black son of William Black 12
James L. Gaylord, son of Stephen Gaylord 13
Francis Eveline dau of Stephen Gaylord 14
Sarah J. dau of Stephen Gaylord 15
William F. son of Stephen Gaylord 16
Benjamin Stephen Gaylord 17
Thomas Finn son of John Finn 18
Sep. Thomas Jarell/Tarell? son of Prier Jarell 19
John Jarell son of Prier Jarell 20
Polly Jarell dau of Prier Jarell 21
Rebecca Jane dau of Prier Jarell 22
Martha Ann dau of Prier Jarell 23
Sarah Ann, dau of Elizabeth/Nancy? Jane Pearson 24
Rebecca Wales, dau of George & Margarett Burroughs 25
Jame Alexander, son of Lany Thompson 26
David McLin, son of John & Joanna Black 27
George Sabastian son of G. & Mary Burroughs 28
George Washingtonson of Sterling & Rosanah Anders 29
Sep. 3 Edwan son of William & Sharlote Leavell 30
1843Samuel son of William & Sharlote 31
Mary Jane dau of William & Sharlote 32
Allen B. son of Elizabeth Jane Pearson 33

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Dismission by Certificate

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Brother Caleb Davis received a letter of dismission and recommendation from congregation on the 13th of Sept. 1842

November 14, 1842, Brother Zadok Booneth? (Barnard) and Sarah his wife received a letter of dismission and recommendation from Pisgah congregation of the C.P. church by order of session. R. S. Donaldson

John P. Sebastian dismissed from this church by order of session this 19th March 1843. R.S. Donaldson Clk

Brother Thomas Hunt and Anna his wife, received letters of dismission and recommendation from Pisgah congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian church on the 6th day of April 1843

Sept. 2, 1843 where as Elizabeth Griffy, formerly a member of this church, having moved within the bounds of Newpleasant congregation and having joined that church, ordered that she be dismissed fro this church by order of the session. R. S. Donaldson,Clk

Sister Nancy Black received a letter of dismission from Pisgah congregation of the C.P. church by order of session. R. S. Donaldson, Clk. 1844

May 15th 1844, William B. Peables and Malinda, his wife, and Oliver P. Peables and William W. Peables received letters of dismission from this church. R. S. Donaldson, Clk

May 20, 1844 Julian Ensmingor? (Ensmingon) received a letter of dismission from this church. R. S. Donaldson, Clk

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Number in Communion

Ruling Elders:
John Alexander Recommendations. 1
William Crawford Letter Dis 2
James Crawford By letter ch. M. v. 3
Samuel McIntire By letter Dod 4
Alexander L. Sullinger by letter. 5
Robert S. Donaldson experience sustain 6
William P. Peeblels By letter June 17th 1841 7
William Baldwin Elected Oct 23rd 1841 sustained 8
John Black do do 9
Edward Level do do 10
Stephen Gaylord Dismissed dis. 11
James S. Alexander Recommendation. 1
William H. Crow Experience sustain 2
Robert Donaldson Experience + 3
Jesse H. Kanida Experience dismissed 4
Mary Alexander Recommendation sus. 5
Polly Alexander Recommendation dis. 6
Patsy Crawford Letter Dismissed 7
Nancy Pastly Recommendation. 8
Lucinda Pastly Dcds. Recommendation. 9
Mary Kanida Recommendation. 10
Elizabeth Miars Letter dismissed 11
Lucinda Thacker Experience sustain 12
Sally Black Recommendation Dec. 13
Mary Crawford Letter dismissed 14
John Finn Experience sus. 15
Polly Finn Recommendation . 16
Elizabeth Ingram Experience sus. 17
Lidia Duten Jan. Recommendation. 18

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Number in Communion


Margaret Davisby experience19
William Blackby experience21
Nancy Black by experience 22
Salety Davis by experience 23
Elizabeth McIntireby letter dismission24
Martha McIntireby letter dcd.25
Artimacy McIntireby letter dismissed26
Margaret McIntireby letter sustained27 <
John B. McIntiredcd. by experience 28
Arry Davisby experience29
Polly Sise Suspendedby experience30
William Pastlyby experience 31
Almanda Duttenby sus. Recommendation 32
Flavilla Kindrick (Hindrick)? by experience sus. 33
Isabella Blackby experience sus. 34
Sarah Crowby experience sus. 35
Elizabeth Davisby experience dismission 36
Andrew Jameson dec.by experience dec 37
Elizabeth C. H. McMurphy by letter dismissed 38
William Hubsby experience sus. 39
Mary Bauldingby experience sus. 40
Nancy Levell by experience dis. 41
Joanna Stutsonby letter Sus. 42
Joseph Postewightby experience dis. 43
Asa Duttenby experience dis.44
Rosanna Comensby experience45
Lydia Dutten Sen.by experience dis.46
Thomas Ingramby experience Ch M. V.47
Bawhorby experience sus.48
Crabtreeby experience dis. 49
William Crabtree Doby recommendation Des.50
Antilda Crabtreeby recommendation deen?51
Elizabeth Finnby experience dismissed52
Sarah Williamsby experience sus.53
Mary Brinkleyby experience dismissed54
Isaac Black by experience Dec.55